Desserting @ Ajisen, IMM

Oh, the temporary insanity we had about snacking after lunch did not stop with what you saw yesterday. The menu tempted us with the following:

Macha Sundae $4. With corn flakes below too.

The Zenzai (Red Bean Dessert). $6.20
Ice cream, dango and red bean paste.

Oh, this pickle goes with the above. Savoury & the sweet stuff above. Quite good!

The Macha Sundae Anmitsu $6.80
Red bean paste + little cubes of jelly + a cup of black honey to go with it.

The was eaten on Sunday, and on the next day, I hopefully have burnt off the calories in the Body Combat class. Any one here also attends Body Combat classes? As I am typing this, I am still have aches all over from Monday’s class.

Sigh, want to eat, so have to exercise. Is it a waste of time and energy? LOL…

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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