Chicken Feet @ Kopitiam NUH

2 days ago (Thursday), we visited a colleague who has just given birth at NUH. After the visit, we though that we would visit the NUH Kopitam at Kent Ridge wing.

Ooo.. the chicken feet that had stopped selling sometime ago is back! (It might be back earlier, but we have not been visiting the hospital. who does? haha..)

Oh man, you should see the ‘glee’ on 2 of my colleague’s faces. They only had 3 plates to sell us. So, we took it all. Today’s feet is so big!

Fat & juicy too. :-p

The first 3 plates we got.

Oh, ‘wire’ was on overdrive. He wanted more and was willing to wait for 20 mins for the next batch to be ready. We waited, (while we had other stuff). Here’s the 2nd batch. 3 more plates of chicken feet.

Are the chicken on steroids or what? They seem to be big!

What is left behind… LOL.
Some of you might be totally put off right?

Well, we think it might be the cheapest chicken feet you can find. $2 usually. But with the “yellow hospital kopitiam card”, you get 20% off, and each plate costs only $1.60.

Any chicken feet eaters out there?

Kopitiam @ Kent Ridge Wing
No. 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
#03-1231A, Kent Ridge Wing 2
National University Hospital
Singapore 119074

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