Xi Yang Yang Dessert @ United Square

The episode was a bit funny to us, but sis did not think it was funny at all. Here’s why:

We had lunch at Globetrotters while sis conducted her choir practice in church. Our bro (plus our potential future sis-in-law) was also on AV duty at another service in church. They were going to join us for ‘tea’ and meet up at United Square, after they had finished.

When they had supposedly reached, sis called us, asking where we were. Oops! found out she went to the wrong place! They had taken a cab to UE Square. She realised it was the wrong ‘square’. OK. They had to catch another cab to come over, since it is far away. The next cab driver took them to Novena Square instead! Aiyo!!! Wrong place again!!! Sis sure was angry!

Luckily Novena Square and United Square is a walking distance away. So to cool down, we ordered some cold desserts. We had wanted to drink coffee and eat kaya toast at Ya Kun, but it was a packed, there were too many of us. So we ended up the shop beside.

We ordered a few desserts to try.
(Plus they allowed us to have next door’s coffee here too. hehe..)

This was the mango pudding with pomelo. $4.80
We had two of these.

This is the second mango pudding we had.

I had the mango shake instead. It comes with a layer of jelly below. $3.80

Bro had the Red Bean, Grass Jelly with Ice Cream. $3.80

Bro’s friend had the Herbal Jelly. (Gui Ling Gao)
A bit ‘pai seh’ to ask her for the dessert so that I can take a photo of it. Just in case bro’s friend think his future bro-in-law is mad.

The dessert here’s average. The mango pudding is nicer than my mango shake for sure.
(I am thinking of the famous mango dessert stall in KL’s Chinatown now. )

Xi Yang Yang Dessert (Beside Ya Kun)
101 Thomson Road
United Square #B1-20
Singapore 307591.

5 thoughts on “Xi Yang Yang Dessert @ United Square”

  • <>“A bit ‘pai seh’ to ask her for the dessert so that I can take a photo of it. Just in case bro’s friend think his future bro-in-law is mad.”<>Heh. I’ve been getting a bit of that lately. It’s so stressful taking pics in public with everyone staring at ya… LOL

  • Is this U-Square a happenin’ place? Novena has that steamboat place upstairs and a Thai restaurant as well. There’s nothing much in UE square except for that pseudo-Western restaurant. The name slips my tired mind.Tell me, K-man, have food prices gone up in Singapore? It sure has gone up here (far away from Singapore) and back home in M’sia.Your entire clan is in S’pore. That’s nice. Say hello to your sis for me.

  • Kenny,Yes, so stressful, that your hands wobble right? LOLDoktor Who,All the malls are about the same same. United Sq seems to be very kids centric. Lots of tuition and kids enrichment centres here.Yes, food prices have gone up LOTS in Spore and Msia. Costs of everything is going up up up….. sigh..

  • keropok man: What’s that green jelly? I asked them yesterday they say it’s aloe vera. hur? So strange…aloe vera is translucent! No?haha the waitress told us the red bean ice is popular among kids. ๐Ÿ˜›

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