Spine Meat Soup @ Kopitiam Clementi

On days that I feel like having soup with meat or salted vegetables that’s not really salty, I go to the Bak Kut Teh stall at Clementi. (Not that it is superb, but it is nearby) It’s one of the stalls at the Kopitiam branded food outlet. (Beside the previous Macdonald’s that has been knocked down).

For years, I only order the Bak Kut Teh, but few months ago, I decided to try the Spine Meat Soup. I kinda like the salty soup with lean meat. Sis does not like it, preferring to eat the usual Bak Kut Teh.

(Side tracking, are you one who eats the same things from the same shop on the same days for years? I saw this one a friend’s status on Facebook. “xx has eaten the same type of sandwiches every Thursday for the past 3 years. ” I can totally connect with that!)

I like it because I like ‘kiam chai’ / salted vegetables. The taste of kiam chai (or sze chuan veg) always make me happy. Yes, I am peculiar. ;-p

I usually eat it with rice, plus a bowl of stewed kiam chai too. This kiam chai side dish is totally not salty haha.. But I like it. Especially the soft cloves of garlic that usually comes with it. I love to put the whole thing in my mouth and pull out the skin. Anyone does that too?

Talking about rice, the news on TV earlier said rice prices in supermarkets will go down next week. Do you think those hawkers who raised prices because their excuse was prices of rice has gone up, will lower them? I doubt so.

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