Globetrotters Restaurant @ United Square

Continuation from yesterday’s post.
We tried to have salads and veggies only, but you know it is impossible. :-p

Cousin had grilled chicken with crispy bacon on it. The chicken is a tiny bit charred, but it taste quite ok.

Uncle had the Pide. (pronounced P-day) It’s some turkish bread thingy that taste like pizza. We actually think it is quite yummy.

Aunt and I each had the sandwich. I had the chicken and aunt had the beef I think.

We swapped half of ours with each other, so we can taste more stuff.

I guess the main draw here is not the food, but the children’s playground. I think kids will love this place. One of the many rare children friendly places.

Globetrotters Restaurant
United Square
101 Thomson Road
Singapore 307591

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