Free Ice Cream by OCBC @ Orchard Road

No, this post is NOT sponsored by OCBC. (But I am just happy with them for giving us free ice cream today and there was no strings attached! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Momo, Sis and I, we were walking along Orchard Road this afternoon when this lady with a few guys said free ice cream if you are an OCBC card member. Show them any OCBC card and you get a little slip like this in exchange for free ice cream.

You know the ‘potong’ ice cream carts along Orchard Road, the OCBC people are just beside it, you show any OCBC card, they give you the complimentary ice cream slip, fill in your name and you exchange it for an ice cream. We had chocolate, read bean and chocolate mint.

Why are we happy? Because it is a genuine thank you for being their card member treat. (ya ya, I was so easily bought over by ice cream? haha.. it was such a hot day!)

Compared this to few weeks ago, when I was with my aunt, and there was this UOB promotion that asked you to spin the wheel, they were shouting out loud through the speakers: “UOB card members, show your card and you get to spin the wheel, guarantee free gift.”

Guess what? They do give you free gifts (plastic pencil boxes, etc..), but you got to go into the bank, sit down and listen to them sell you some products before they give it to you. When we were told to sit down, we told them, “No Thanks” and walked out, we don’t want your gift.

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