Men-Tei Ramen @ Robinson Center

This might sound rude. Yesterday, while we were walking along Robinson Road after lunch, we saw these few young ladies who dressed up in their expensive business suits that were talking so loudly in a very gossipy tone, you would think they were aunties if you did not turn around and see them. haha…

They were talking about the need to come early to Men-Tei Ramen. Overheard: “Ey, tell you ah, this place hor, must come early one. Wait till lunch crowd come ah, you ‘bao zhong’. Sure no place one. That’s why today we bring you here to early early.”

That was heard yesterday, today our instructor let us out at 11.45AM as promised. Before that we were secretly salivating looking at Men-Tei’s menu at ๐Ÿ™‚ We already decided what we were going to have before even stepping in.

We were there five to twelve and there was still lots of seats. Our orders were taken promptly and the food came in a jiffy.

This is colleague’s Tonkatsu Ramen. The whitish broth that has been boiled for hours. (yes, we read it from their website)

I had the Miso Ramen. Deliciously satisfying.

We enjoyed it. Both had the grilled pork (yakibuta) that was very very tender. We love the egg (tamago) too. The egg white is hard, yet the egg yoke is semi soft inside. Yummm… The noodles are freshly made too.

4 kinds of ramen. (6 if you include the spicy and non spicy version) One standard price – $13 per bowl. No GST and service charge. Comes with a drink. (water or green tea)

Another interesting discovery today. What shall we have tomorrow?

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