Ichiban Sushi @ IMM

Within a week, I pop in to Ichiban Sushi two times! Today for lunch, I went to Ichiban Sushi at Plaza Singapura. haha… But I did not whip out my camera at all, because I still had so many photos from few days ago!

Other than the shared stuff that I showed yesterday, we also shared salmon skin. It’s really addictive, this stuff.

I had the Set Meal. It’s actually very filling. It has the beef and tofu dish, a bowl of rice, a bowl of spicy udon with chicken, 2 cute little balls, soup and fruits.

This beef thing is nice. Guess what, for today’s lunch, I had the same thing! But it had a different set name, and had no cili padi. The cili padi gives it a kick!

The spicy udon with chicken. It is like Jap Curry Udon.

Other colleagues all have different combi of almost the same thing! haha..
One had soba with tofu.

Another because we were also sharing other things, had a ‘half’ version of it. Yes, they have this half version which is really half of what is above right? 1 piece of everything instead of 2.

Another colleague did not have the tofu skin thingy. But it’s a full version. (because there’s two pieces of the fish cake? thingy haha)

Instead he had prawn tempura.
Somehow looking at it now, it looks so similar to the tempura ice cream eh?

OK, I think I have enough Jap food for the week.
Tomorrow’s another busy week ahead.

I read something very interesting this morning. We always wish that a day is longer by an hour or two right? That way, we can have more time to finish up things that we always wanted to do.

Did you realise, this year we had our wish come true! We had a whole extra day! 24 hours of it! 2 days ago! Did you make full use of it? Hmmm… If not, 4 years later at the next leap day, remember to make use of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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