Din Tai Fung @ Tampines Mall

Yesterday I posted a photo of the huat kueh, that was part of the food we ate last Friday at Din Tai Fung at Tampines Mall.

The ‘xiao cai’, this is the combi of seaweed, tau kuah, tang hoon, tau geh etc mix. We always love this dish. We actually have this when we come here.

When we asked for another and it came looking smaller, we jokingly said that to the lady. She was quick to rebutt us! It’s all weighted and it’s the same. Hmm ok. She was not in a particulary good mood. LOL.

Another appetizer dish is the salted vegetable dish. It’s a bit salty but goes well with other things that we had.

We also had the ‘suan la tang’. I like it the way it is, but sis and aunt would prefer it to be more ‘suan’, add more vinegar if you like it sourish.

This is red vinegar dumpling. Try it if you come here, this is yummy!

For our carbo stuff, we had the prawn fried rice.

And also the pork chop fried rice.

While in the pork chop mood, sis and momo shared this pork chop noodle soup.

Since we had more people, we could order 20 xiao long bao! (yes, madness. haha…) But we were really hungry!

If you like prawn dumpling, this one is actually quite quite good! The soup’s not salty, so eating this with the kiam chai dish above goes well.

When we ordered, the waitress asked if we had Citibank card, we did and this yam dumpling came free. Imainge ‘or nee’ in dumplings. 😉

It was a good lunch after being awake since early early morning and we did not have any breakfast.

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