Da Jie Niang Dou Fu @ Clementi Ave 2

I was woken up at around 11AM by momo and sis if I wanted breakfast. OK. Sure why not? I wake up get stuff to eat. haha… They had eaten earlier at this new place they found after going for exercise. Da Jie Niang Dou Fu at Clementi Ave 2.

These are the photos from Momo. It’s like a place where you can get different styles of Niang Dou Fu. There’s Tom Yam, Laksa, Hakka, Ampang to choose from

This is Momo’s Hakka Style.

Sis had the soup only version.

This is my tapow version. The kuey teow is a lump already because i took time to wake up when the food arrived.

This is the Ampang Version. Quite tasty. But they said, it was a tad expensive and want to go to NUS sometime to eat there. haha…

Have a meaningful Palm Sunday tomorrow.

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