Tossing Yu Sheng @ Work

Yesterday was “Ren Ri” and it was our annual lunch at work. No, not working for a ‘cheena’ company, but it just happens that we voted once and prefer to have annual CNY lunch instead of Dinner and Dance. LOL…

Anyway, lunch was not very up to standard. We should remind management not to go back there again. (We all think it might be the lowest of 3 quotes? haha…)

But it was fun having lunch together and getting ang pows too.

Here’s some photos of the Yu Sheng being assembled.
All the shredded veg stuff that gives the diff colours and flavours.

Then the crispy stuff were poured into the plate. That’s suppose to represent gold is it?

Then the tiny bit of Salmon to top it.

Then the various sauces and oil poured over it.

I was too busy tossing the yu sheng that I don’t have any photos of us tossing.
Here’s the aftermath. This year we were not as violent as last year, else we have nothing to eat. Everything was tossed on the table. haha..

We were provided a list of “things to say” while tossing.

Wishing all of you all the ‘chen yu’ above and more and not forgetting Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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