K Gourmet Cafe @ PGP Residences, NUS

A few days ago, a bunch of colleagues were out of office attending talks at a hotel. Then two more had to attend meetings. There was only 3 of us left.

We decided to just go nearby. Hop on a bus and got to PGP. We thought we will try this air conditioned place. It’s called K Gourmet Cafe.

Two colleagues ordered soup, this is the pumpkin soup. Not sure how it tasted.

One colleague ordered the Fried Rice with Fried Chicken.

The other ordered Fish and Chips. Looks quite ok.

For me, I had the set meal of the day. It was Fish day and this is the “tau chu” or fermented beans sauce fish. OK lah.

I think what we enjoyed was the long time we had chatting and this ice cream. This ice cream cost only $2!

Remember to eat healthy for the coming week! It will be calorie laden food in the coming weeks! LOL.

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