CNY Dinner @ Aunt’s

It has been countless makans the last few days. That’s what people do during CNY right? Pigging out. (thought the year of the pig is over. haha… )

The last few day’s food was delicious, all the home-cooked food from recipes that are from many generations of mothers to their daughters. But they weren’t eaten or cooked in Singapore, so they wont be shown here. LOL. You can just use your imagination for it ๐Ÿ™‚

Arrived back in Singapore last night, and this is what our family ate at our aunt’s.

Sea Cucumber with Pork Tendon and Fish Stomach.

Veg dish with a dash of prawns.

Bak Kerng. Meat Rolls.
My bro who came back from UK missed this so much. LOL…

Kailan with mushroom dish.

Stuffed Mini Crabs.

Fried Chicken wings for the kids (and of course adults)

Mushroom, Dried Oyster and Fa Cai.

Braised Triple or is it Quadruple Layer Pork.

Have you all been eating well? I hope you all have!
Have a very very Blessed Lunar New Year!

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