Shillawon Korean Cuisine @ Suntec City

This was lunch a week earlier. Shillawon Korean Cuisine at the 3rd floor of Suntec City at the Sky Garden. It’s suppose to be known for its authentic Korean food.

The Soondooboo Set. Spicy Soft Tofu Seafood Stew. $9
If you are someone who likes spicy food, does it make you salivate? haha..

Kimchee Jigae Set. $8
I ate this. There’s lots of sliced pork below. It’s a Pork Kimchi Stew.
(Kimchee appeared on the receipt, I usually spell it as Kimchi, I guess you can spell it anyway you want)

One thing about Korean food is that it comes with these small side dishes that are absolutely yummy!

Yes, it comes with rice as well. It was a spicy and delicious meal!
With the 10% Svc Chg and 7% GST, it comes up to exactly $20.00

Are you a fan of Korean Food? Or are you also a fan of Korean Dramas?

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