Malay Food @ NUS Staff Canteen

Today we went to the hospital. No, not to visit someone staying there, but to eat. Maybe it is in Singapore that hospital food taste good. (the ones not for patients obviously…) haha…

We had a colleague who had not join us for a while with us today. Welcome back! LOL…

Anyway, we all had different food, but 3 of us ate from this Malay Stall. Somehow, we just walked directly to the stall if we are here.

Why? Because we love the big portions and the variety too!

This was my lunch. Tau Geh, Chilli Brinjal and Mutton Rendang.

Another colleague had Bitter Gourd, Brinjal and Mutton Rendang too.
Realise the 3rd person also ordered something similar!

The other two love the reddish orangy chilli you see here.
All of us love the Mutton Rendang here. Usually there are 6-8 pieces of it!
Usually for 2 veg and 1 meat, we pay $3

Oh ya, this is the NUH Staff Canteen, not the fancy kopitiam at the NUH Main Building or ‘more atas’ class Kent Ridge Wing. NUH Staff Canteen is facing AYE, along Lower Kent Ridge Road.

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