Lor Mee @ Clementi Block 328

Another Lor Mee place that colleagues love to go is the one at Block 328 Clementi. Where is Block 328? Just cross the road opposite the NTUC Fairprice junction. Climb up the steps and the Kopitiam is there. (If you drive, enter via Clementi Ave 2)

There are lor mee that you love it the first time you have it and this happens to be one of them. I think its consistency of the dark gravy and the ingredients.

The bee hoon mee combi. Haha.. Yes, you can guess this is not mine. Mine’s kuey teow. LOL.

We notice something though, we haven eaten here umpteen times, but this is the first for 2008, and we can detect some differences. Prices are still the same, but it seems sometimes are missing. LOL. Enuff said, we did not confirm with the seller, but 4 who ate it think so.

But what to do? Inflation hits all time high!
Do you think things have gotten expensive nowdays?

Update: This stall has moved away. We recently found it and it’s now at Clementi Ave 3.

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