Hokkaido Hairy Crab @ Sushi Tei

Hairy Crabs! But… No, I did not get to eat it. No, I am not allergic to crabs either. It’s just because it is someone else’s lunch! haha..

This was lunch that Momo and another friend Dino had at Sushi Tei last week or so. I saw these photos in my email this morning and said, wow! they are beautiful! Momo said I can use them, so here they are for you to enjoy too.

Ike Kegani Sugatamori (Steam Live Hairy Crab)
This is the promotion that Sushi Tei is having. It costs $54 for whole crab / $28 for half a crab.

I was told it was a very painful lunch. They are just too too too prickly!

So, what kind of crabs do you like?
Chilli Crabs? Black Pepper Crabs? White Pepper Crabs? Butter Crabs? or maybe Imitation Crab Sticks? :-p

p/s ChillyCraps, this post dedicated to you. haha..

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