Foodcourt @ Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

This was what we had last Tuesday. The food we ate before we went to have the Tea/Coffee and Toast. The food’s not spectacular. We were just walking around wondering what to eat, and ended up in the new foodcourt. Seems that Koufu is expanding everywhere.

Anyway, walked every stall and did not know what to eat. Prices are at the higher end side now. But I saw something from one of the stalls (the first one) that had like spicy strips something. I was wondering what it is, so I ordered it.

Haha.. it is deep dried pork strips with chilli powder on top.

That also came with rice and a sunny side up.

Plus a bowl of ‘egg starch’. LOL.

And a platter of cabbage.

Can lah. Edible and you still get change when you pay with the green note.

This is also from the same stall that colleague ordered. Stir fried hand made noodles. He says ok only lah.

If you are not interested in the food, I think Anchorpoint might interest you with cheaper shopping. It seems that there are many many Outlets stores here. From clothing, shoes to even spectacles outlets store.
Eg. ClubMarc Express Outlet, Charles & Keith Outlet, FOS, G2000 Outlet, Pedro Outlet, etc…

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