Cold Rock Ice Cremery @ Holland Village

Some of you should know that I love to ice cream / gelato!
Finally got to taste the ice cream from Cold Rock few days ago. It’s also one of those that you pick your ice cream, choose some toppings and they mix them all up on a cold surface.

Cold Rock’s from Australia and I remember eating it in the middle of winter in Brisbane! I think ice cream taste extremely good in winter and it does not melt!

Cousin picked the flavours and toppings.

More of the mixing up…

Yes, it’s ready!

You want some? This is sweetish and sourish because we picked berries and chocolate.

Yummy! Do you like ice cream? Or do you make ice cream?
I have been experimenting with home made ice cream too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cold Rock is located in Holland Village, right opposite Haagan Dazs.

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