Ayam Cobek @ Java Kitchen

I was walking around the foodcourt the other day and I saw this. Ayam Cobek. I was thinking, what is the different between Ayam Cobek and Ayam Penyet?

Well, I guess they look almost the same, except for Penyet, it is crushed or hammered. (Yes, I see them hammer the chicken! for one stall before)

Anyway, here’s the photos. I like most of it, except this version of the tempe is not to my liking! haha.. I guess I like my tempeh only in Sambal belachan.

Any kind of fried chicken is always OK for me!

Goodness! The lady at this Java Kitchen stall at Food Republic at Vivo was practically flirting with all the customers. Everyone is “eh eh handsome, want to try Ayam Cobek?”, “Very very nice Indonesian Food”, “Thank you, when you miss me, come back to visit again”.

Any Indonesian can let me know the difference between Cobek and Penyet?

Update: I found out the meaning of Cobek from an online friend, ‘Sylvia G’. Cobek is the stone plate thingy where the sambal is ground. Haha.. and the Sambal is almost hidden in my photos!

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