Awfully Chocolate

Tonite, we had our usual monthly makan gathering. We were suppose to have it at a friend’s new place, but the couple said it isn’t quite ready yet, so it ended up at our place.

It was a pot luck, and arrghh.. I forgot to take the food photos! Only remembered it when we finished our food. But phew… there’s still a dessert that was not touched! LOL.

We had like 27 people tonite.

K & P brought this delicious cake. It has an awful name, but it was good.

Every month we will celebrate someone’s birthday, so we placed this Happy Birthday plastic thingy on the cake, and sang the birthday song and posed for photos. haha…

Want some?

If you are going to ask me where to get it? Here’s the address from the box.

It was served with some homemade ice cream I made. Chardonnay Mango Ice Cream. Still experimenting with my ice cream. haha..

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