Nasi Briyani @ Tanglin Halt

Yesterday for lunch, we had an arrangement to bring some paper for recycling at Faith Methodist Church at Commonwealth. A friend of ours is from that church and is trying to help the Chinese Congregation in their fund raising activities. So, we dropped off the load of newspaper and magazines there and headed to next door Tanglin Halt for lunch.

We wanted to try out the Koufu that just opened, but decided, why not the old shops nearby. A colleague who is staying right in Tanglin Halt says there’s this Nasi Briyani stall there that has a perpetual long queue. (He says the prices have raised two times in the last few months! haha.. he was not happy)

Anyway, we walked over to Block 49 and there you can see the long queue. The long queue is for ‘ta pow’, if you are eating there, you order from the lady straight and get to eat quite soon.

For me personally, I have to disagree with the queue. haha…

I was thinking of the Nasi Briyani in Batu Pahat instead. The famous “Mohd Shah Briyani” or the equally famous “Nasi Briyani Power Gam”. Any of you tried that before? If you have, all the different Singapore one, errr… nuff said. :-p

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