Ajisen @ Plaza Singapura

It seems that these few weeks, Plaza Singapura seems to be where I frequent. Hmmm I wonder why?

Anyway, for Sunday’s lunch, we were wondering what to eat, and we ended up at Ajisen. How predictable too when we decided to order food. The same people who usually eats the same food ordered the same thing. Haha..

Except for this, Salmon Sashimi ($6.80)that came quite pretty eh.

Uncle had Tom Toro Ramen. Pork slices.

Cousin and aunt shared the Pai Ku Ramen. I love the paiku!!!

I ordered the Tomato Ramen yet again! I love the taste of it, I dunno why!

Shall not show the side dishes ya. Same same all the time. So predictable too. All the sets are $13.80, which consist of 1 Ramen dish, 1 side dish and 1 drink.

There was this promotion thingy. New dishes and here it is. Ika Meshi. ($8.80)
It’s Sotong stuffed with rice. I think you need to have an acquired taste for this.

When I was paying, the cashier was asking if we liked the Ika Meshi.
Aunt loved it, uncle so so, I dun like. That’s why I don’t put ratings on food. Everyone has different taste! haha..

The cashier said some people loved it, others left the dish untouched after one bite. I think Ajisen will do well, since they ask people what they think. Haha..

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