Sun Japanese Dining @ Chijmes

Today we celebrated uncle’s birthday earlier. We actually wanted to go to Aburiya Monday nite after seeing the photos and writeup by Camemberu. But as things turn out, they only have time for today’s lunch.

So, we detoured to Sun instead. It has also been a long time since I went to Sun at Chijmes. It has been a long day, will only post a short one today. Just my dish. The rest another day perhaps.

(we also had dinner together and we all just came back.. sleepy and so full….)

Sun @ Chijmes is at the 2nd floor.

I had Hossai bento. Doesn’t it look so pretty?

At the centre of it is this…

I think I shall not bore with you with the other individual dishes photo. haha..
Hope you all had a very Blessed Weekend. Tomorrow’s another working day!

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