Birthday cake from TiramiSutra

A bunch of good mates gave me a surprise today or rather tonight! How very thoughtful and touching. They brought this funny looking thing out, err what’s that? Haha! It’s keropok with whip cream on top and raisins toppings. 1 candle was stuck on it!

And…. Many hands were trying to prevent the wind from blowing it off!
And…. I was as usual busy taking photos!

A greater surprise was for another friend, online nick is ‘everyone’s talking’. Her birthday is a few days before. She was suppose to join in to surprise me, but I guess she was even more surprised when a cup cake was taken out for her!

They sang us the First round of Happy Birthday songs.

Hmmm what are they going to do next? hopefully no sabo or anything. Then the real cake came out.
It’s a very delicious cake from TiramiSutra. (check out

This is our joint birthday cake. Would you like to try some too?

Layers of super soft and yummy cake. I am sure you would love it when it’s in your mouth.

Thanks guys! The Good Lord bless all of you bountifully as well.

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