Tau Kua Pau @ East Coast Road

There is sort of a war between the Tau Kua Pau at East Coast Road. Guess what, they are so so near each other too. After lunch at Aston’s. Our colleagues who are East Coast kakis went around to buy more food to tapow back to office.

He said that he has been eating from the real original one since he was young. So he bought it from the original shop like he always did. When he was younger the shop was not in the current shop, it was a few doors away, now it is at Hock Ann Eating House, 131 East Coast Rd.

Tapowed the Tau Kua Paus back in boxes of threes.

This is with the duck sauce poured over. I think it will be even more tempting if the chilli sauce is poured over. Too late lah, ate it up without taking anymore photos! hehe..

Something though was missing, they don’t come with duck meat anymore!

If you are interested, read about the comparison between the two from Singapore’s makan guru at Makansutra.

View this location on Earth@Sg here.

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