Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun

Tonight, our CG met to have dinner instead. It is outing day, we were suppose to go have dinner at Settlers Cafe, but someone said we should go to the XO place instead for a yummier dinner.

So, here’s what we had. Everyone who comes here will definitely order the famous Sanlou Hor Fun. I can never get tired of it. It is a huge plate of it too.

Another popular dish ordered is the Prawn Paste Chicken. (Har Chiong Kai)
Another of my fav.

For veg we had baby kailan.

We also ordered Pork Rib King. (Pai Ku Wang)
Another of my fav food too.

It was a hearty meal for the 4 of us. 3 others could not make it, but its ok.
$50 for the 4 big dishes.

After that we went over to Settlers Cafe and spent the time playing card and board games.

View the location at Earth@Sg here.

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