Fruits and more Fruits

Do you store fruits at home? I do… I just stocked up these fruits on Monday nite.

Last week’s fruits were Summerwhite Nectarines and Naval Oranges.

This week’s fruits, I have gone mad… I bought more Nectarines. I bought Kiwis too, as I think the stock is fresh and they are those huge ones too. Also saw some reddish on one side and green on another Forelle Pears. Also got some Tulane Giant Plum.

Hey, did you all know that when you don’t ask for plastic bags and carry the stuff in your bag, Fairprice rewards you with a BYOB 10 cents off your price.

I had a $10 voucher that I got from the Health Points as work, so with a 10 cent rebate, all the fruits I bought cost me only 5 cents! haha…

Do you like to eat fruits? When I got home, I ate 3 plums, 1 pear and 1 nectarine. oh so yummy….

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