BaliThai @ Suntec City

Last nite, if you read by other blog you would have read that I met up with Kaa & Hubby from Vantaa DP. We ate at BaliThai.

These are the things we ordered.
Pandan Chicken

The starter platter.

That consists of Satay.

Fish cakes, spring rolls

and rice crackers.

This is the pineapple rice.

Phad Thai

Green Chicken Curry. I like green curry. hehe..

Stir fried Kailan.

This is so so deceiving…. When we sat down, we were asked if we wanted drinks. We said water, the lady said still or sparking. We thought still would be good. We thought that it is one of those places that do not serve plain old water.

At the end of the meal, we realise that all the tables beside us had the normal water and someone refilling water. Hey! We got cheated! We asked for water and they tricked us by asking for still or sparking. We paid $12 before taxes for water! haha….

The food is not bad. We just had a ‘bad’ impression left by the water. LOL…

4 thoughts on “BaliThai @ Suntec City”

  • wow.. the waiter must b well trained in bring up the sales.. i like those restaurant who offered free refill water but of course at the same time, we wil order drinks..By the way, the starter plates look so yummy!

  • Wow! That’s a lot for H2O. I learnt my lesson before at another Thai restaurant. So every time any restaurant ask, i would say “i would like normal water”. hahaha.

  • What a coincident, i just had the similar food at good evening bangkok. (It seem that they’re from the same group of company and the food are similar too) We ordered the Pandan Chicken and the Fish Cake. The pandan chicken is something that you must try, and remember to always ask for the sambal.

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