Va Va Voom @ Seah St (Part 1)

One of our friends knows the boss of this place, so when we were there, we did not really order the starters, we have 12 persons, so we let the boss decide for us.

It was like a surprise. We were just waiting and wondering what will come out.

This interesting looking dish came out first. The boss says it is his special creation.
Morning glory with sliced beef. It is actually very very refreshing and nice tasting!

Next came the Vietnamese Rolls. I am not sure how you all eat it, but I stir up the sauce and then pour a big scoop of it over the rolls. yum……

Next came the chicken wings. Ooo…. I just love chicken wings, do you?

Next, the fish cake. It looks so simple right? But it taste quite good actually.

No, the starters have not ended! The next is many people’s favourite. Its very tender beef rolls, with cheese in it. You just have to put in your mouth and taste will just make you want to have more!

We told the boss, next time, use wagyu ok? he laughed at us…

But wait! There’s more. More starters came, view it tomorrow lah…..

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