McDonald’s Shaker Fries anyone?

This is proving to be quite addictive.

It is fun to put the sachet of who know what into the brown paper bag with fries and shake it out.

Then pour them out on the serving tray and dig in!

Hmmm.. wonder what is the correct fries they should provide. Sometimes, it is so salty, sometimes it is not. Are they suppose to serve shaker fries with unsalted fries or with salted fries?

6 thoughts on “McDonald’s Shaker Fries anyone?”

  • i have never tried shaker fries. is that amazing? haha. but its only because i keep forgetting to ask the person serving me to change my normal fries to shaker fries!sigh.

  • wah…something new to try. hmm…you buy those fries that bakes in the oven and then put some of those seaweed in a bag with some salt and then you shake it with your fries. I wonder would it be just the same.

  • Know what? The Mackers at my office building actually put a sticker across shaker fries and said “Not available”! Even before i tried it ๐Ÿ™ Aiyo

  • Yeahh I’ll be in Singapore next month.. wonder still have or not when I’m down. Love McDs there … and the soya bean. Different from Malaysia’s.

  • daphne,i think hor, it might be out! boh liao…the cooking ninja,not same, not same, at home no Mcdonalds paper bag to shake the fries. and no mcdonalds tray to put the shaken fries on. haha….momo,i think so leh, last week still got, this week like boh liao…teckiee,maybe when you visit sg next month, different promo liao..ming,there are more asian flavours! like Rice Burger! You should try it! haha… Actually, maybe not, taking rice itself is nicer..

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