Aunty Foo’s Punggol Delicacies (Part 2)

Next this was pig stomach soup. Aunty Foo has actually cut them and twisted all of them up. Actually it was the little girl at home that help grandma tie them up. Cute ya!

This is without the soup, so you can see what is being served in each bowl.
Actually, I do not like eating these stuff, but I love the soup. The soup is peppery and hot! Yum yum!

Next was gigantic prawns. Our aunt from London was having dinner with us, she said in London it is very rare to have prawns that are this big. Their big prawns there are like the small prawns we have here.

The last dish is the steam pomfret. Do you know what ingredients here made the soup superb? Next time when you steam fish, add in leeks! Then you can taste the difference.

Hope you enjoyed this and can use them to plan for your coming home cook meals.

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