Have you tried Anything or Whatever?

Am sure that you have seen the advertisement on TV, Bus stops, Radio…

Have you tried it?

Sis and cousin tried it just now. They got Root Beer.
As you can see from the can, you can’t figure out what you are getting!

Cheapest deal is at NTUC, where you get it for 70 cents a can, get 5 cans and get 1 free.
Cold Storage sells for 75 cents. The most expensive you can get is at Toastbox where they sell it at $1.50!

More about this silly drink at my other blog: Keropok’s Singapore Daily Photo.

7 thoughts on “Have you tried Anything or Whatever?”

  • haha I thought I am the only one that will look for for price before buying anything.LOL, you are like me… BTW, I call FairPrice supermart “NTUC” too!Thanks for the information. I will be getting it from NTUC tomorrow. lol

  • I initially thought they concocted some radioactive mix to satisfy every type of taste. Cos I got Coke, but with like a hint of Sprite and some other stuff…

  • pinkhippo,just happen to see the adverts. not all the time I am like that lah… hahatigerfish,this drink is not for those who knows exactly what they want!fari,you got coke with lemon izit?

  • I’m a coke drinker. And i must say I prefer Anything to my surprise. Less sweeter yet, retains the cola flavor and fizz! Must try the Ice Lemon tea! Not bad leh.. refreshing!

  • This is so interesting. Next time when you ask someone what they want to drink and they say “Anything also can”, you know what to get them!

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