Gone to Ikea for Food, not Furniture

Wonder if its only in Singapore that when people says Ikea, other than Home Furnishings they think of Food!

My office mates, we went to Ikea yesterday. Someone needed to get some stuff there. The rest of us took the opportunity to eat there. Here’s what we ate:

Seafood Fried Rice
There was actually quite a lot of dried oysters in the rice. A piece of fried chicken, one fishcake and one otah slice with sambal.

This is some mock meat vegetarian food. Forgot the exact name.
That’s mock char siu, mock fish and mock sausages I think… with sambal of course.

And the famous Ikea Chicken Wings!

For people living or working near Alexandra or Tampines, you can see the monthly Ikea Restaurant menu at: http://www.ikea-friends.com

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