Cooking flower drummets at home…

My cousin loves this dish. It’s her maternal granny’s specialty. So, other than yesterday’s crabs, aunt also made this dish.

I am not very sure of the exact seasoning. When I find out and prepare it myself one of these days, I will post the recipe up.

The chicken drummets that have the meat all pushed to the top. Seasoned for a few hours in the fridge.

Then the oil…. for deep frying lah..

You dip it in a combi of floor. Rice flour and normal flour I think.
Then you put the big portion part right into the oil.

Then you add more…. and more…. and more….

After the thicker parts have been cooked, you can start to stir them so that the whole piece of chicken is cooked.

Then you drain off the oil.

That’s it! Serve…..

I like the taste of it. If I am not wrong, the seasoning very simple. The main ingredients are galangal, onions and garlic.

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