Amoy Street Food Centre : Nasi Lemak

This is the super long queue nasi lemak stall at Amoy Street Food Centre. It’s located upstairs and I am sure you won’t miss it. The queue is forever so long.

Here’s Amoy Street Sign. I finally took it! Colleague queued for me! haha.. I ‘lompang’ him to order since he is eating it too. (I was attending a course at British Council that’s why we are eating here today)

The stall number is 02-81, at the 2nd floor.

Here it is.. One side of the plate, with chicken wing, a slice of luncheon meat, fish cake, sambal.

The other side, the fried anchovies, fish fillet, otah and the cucumber.

Definitely very filling and quite delicious too! $3.

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