Soup Restaurant : Scotts Walk

Well, well, well, tigerfish, mamabok and eastcoastlife is so so brilliant!
They correctly guessed the place by the name of the dishes!

It’s Soup Restaurant, this one at Scotts Walk (Galleria DFS)

‘Tang’ – the chinese character of Soup.

Here’s what we ate:

Tien Chee Soup $6

Ginseng Roots Soup $5

Samsui Chicken Small $13.80

Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves $7

Beggar Ribs $12

Pan Fried Tofu $8

Eastcoastlife, yesterday’s comment you said all of us seems to have eaten at the same place, if you read yesterday’s papers, it was reported that they are going to get listed as well!

9 thoughts on “Soup Restaurant : Scotts Walk”

  • I hope once they get listed, the food maintains the quality. Love their samshui chicken, fan shu leaves. Beggar ribs? Must be named because beggars too poor to eat meat, only can eat ribs(less meat, more bones)…hee hee.

  • Are the foods as gorgeous as yr pixs and the restaurant presentation ? Great reflective tasteful clutchy shots ( felt da flavors baby, those signaturely premium Chinese Restaurant fresher then fresh looks like those mags over the counter). Something must be right !

  • pablo, i am sure you can cook like this!team bsg, next time u come, notify and then we go and eat and you judge lor ๐Ÿ™‚ haha…tiger, let’s hope so. i love the samsui chicken best!mamabok, must got new dishes, else go there eat same thing over the years also boring…

  • You take very powerful shots of the dishes arh! The sansui chicken…. aiyoooo, I almost lick my monitor! Must go and eat again.It’s good that they are gonna be listed. So far, their food quality is quite consistent. I wish them prosperity in taking our local food abroad!

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