Kai Juan

What will I be posting tomorrow? Guess guess guess. haha…

It’s something colleague and I ate at this shop.

6 thoughts on “Kai Juan”

  • Heyo, need to guess again…singapore daily makan guessing….Is it some Hainan tze-char? Or just some stall that serve home-cooked “dialect” food ? …errr…you know what I mean right? buahahahahMust be got rice one lah, cos I see a rice cooker…LOL!<>Kali peng<> ?

  • wah koala bear, spot on!tigerfish, dun like to play guessing game hor? hahaha…shilpa, yes, those mark with C grade taste the best!uzyn, good one, Spanishization haha…

  • hehehe.. coz I recognize the place. I stayed off balestier for years and still do when I go back to Sgp. Only had the bkt a few times though. Loved the soup but it’s usually too much meat for me. Thanks to you and Singapore Day, I just made the same type of teochew bkt yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜› Yum, YUM! no you tiao and giam chye though. ๐Ÿ™

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