Aerins @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Just last week, our friend visited from Melbourne. He was part of our previous makan kakis before he went over to work in Aust.

We got a sms that he is back, so our we met here. He said “oh man… why eat in a Western place, I want to eat all the local food!”

Anyway, majority rules, this is democratic country right? We have not been here, so we just eat here lah. Quite a nice place actually, especially with the company of old friends.

The above is a pic of the menu.

This is Southern Grilled Chicken, it has a ‘must try’ in the menu. $10.50
Cajun spiced grilled chicken on guacamole spread, mango chutney on wholemeal bread.
(psst, I think this looks absolutely delicious!!!)

This is Cajun Grilled Chicken, which also had a ‘must try’ in the menu. Friend sitting in front of me ordered it. $19.00

The ladies at the other end ordered this. Arien’s Tagliatelle.
Tagliatelle with mushroom ragout in light cream sauce, smoked salmon and roe. $21.

Those on the left ordered this. Linguine Marinara.
Linguine with bay prawns, squid and mussels cooked in tomato sauce. $21.

Me? This is what I ordered. Baked Apple & Rhubarb Pie.
Pot of oven baked granny smith apples, rhubarb and raisins, all covered in an oven-baked puff pastry, served with vanilla ice cream. $11

This one I can tell you the taste. It’s absolutely yummy. It has a (15 mins wait) on the menu, so it was truly worth the wait.

Found out they have a website,
We have brought to you all the ‘must try’ in the menu. haha…

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