Prima Taste @ Centrepoint

Our family sometimes pop by here if we are going shopping in Robinsons. Why? It’s nearby lor. It’s fast and food’s not bad too.

Prima-taste Kitchen. Where they are famous for the pre-mix and paste that makes cooking so easy. I think lots of people especially those who miss Singapore/Asian food will cart back tonnes of these stuff.

I shall not be posting any food pics today. People complain that food pics make them hungry. Well, this place you queue up and the lady at the entrance will find you a table. Pass you an empty pad with food list inside. Tick what you want and bring it to the counter and pay.

After paying you get wooden tokens like these above. Yes, we ordered something twice! It was just yummy and we were feeling a bit greedy. haha…

This empty plate is what we ordered twice. Can anyone guess what it is? The leftover are some hints. LOL… Stay tuned tomorrow to see what we ate here.

Meanwhile, make your guess.

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