Peperoni Pizza: Greenwood Avenue

You remember I told you about the Estivo Gelateria place we went a few days ago? Well, we actually ate at Peperoni Pizza first. 20 over of us were meeting for our regular monthly eating meets to celebrate birthdays.

We order a few starts and around 8 – 9 plates of pasta. The table was very long, so I did not take photo of every dish. We were too busy eating and talking!

For starters, we order Portobello Mushroom with Parmesan Cheese & chicken.

Calamari Fritti, Deep fried squid rings, lemon mayo & tomato sauce.

Here’s pictures of 3 pastas:
Linguine Arrabbiata: Red chilli, garlic & tomato sauce.

Fettucini Vongole: Clams in white wine sauce.

Penne Funghi & Pollo: Button Mushroom and chicken in brown sauce.

Tomorrow, I shall post all the pizzas that we tried. Stay tuned!

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