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Have not been back at Miss Clarity Cafe like over a year. Today, sis and I we were catching a play at the Drama Centre at the National Library of Singapore, so we pop by since its so near.

People in Singapore, go catch the play called TiTouDao. It’s really good. Pam Oei is really good. So are the other cast like Karen Tan, Sebastian Tan, Beatrice Chia, Chua En Lai, Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit, Gordon Choy and Judy Tan. Book at Sistic. Shows from 1 – 31 March.

Back to food. We ordered Chicken Ballotine and Chicken Cordon Bleu. We made it into a set so we get a drink, salad or soup and dessert.

Miss Clarity is at 5 Purvis St, #01-04, and this is how it looks.

The salad.

Chicken Ballotine. Yummy isn’t it? Still as good as it was previously. Roasted Chicken.

Chicken Cordon Blue. Deep Fried. The yellow thingy (not the more whitish sauce) is the cheese inside that melts.

Dessert is a tiny piece of Bread Pudding. Looks simple but taste very good!

Price: $8 for each main dish. $3 to top to a set. So total for everything was only $22.
Super reasonable ya? Such good food too.

Other food bloggers in Singapore have blog about this. Do a search and read their reviews. I only like to post photographs ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Miss Clarity Cafe”

  • KM – I was SIN for a night and had the Chili crab you suggested with fried man tou…the sauce was too thick but the killer is the Sri Lanka crab so fat and juicy. ๐Ÿ™‚I went to Mellben in Ang Mo Kio is it supposed to be the best one?

  • Actually, I find the food from Ms Clarity so-so only. Just that its a cheaper alt to NYDC and Secret Recipe.But hey, your pic make their food mouth watering!

  • I went to Miss Clarity a few times, the food was really good. The last visit was a year ago and it was really bad. Their Bread Pudding is fantastic! I would tarpau 4 back everytime.

  • RM, i never been to mellben leh. usually eat crabs elsewhere. maybe should go try mellben. hmmmdk, i dun really like nydc food, but secret recipe’s nice ๐Ÿ™‚teckiee, its good. try it! if not, wont post them here liao. no bluff one. hahatiger, next time just walk in lah. :-pecl, i have not been there for a long time until last week when i took these picture, food’s still good. maybe it depends on what u order? hmmmm

  • Don’t know about the one in Purvis Street, but I definitely would not be visiting the one in Upper Thomson really really really sucks! There was a heavy smell of Ammonia in our seafood paella – I don’t know if that’s a way to show freshness of the seafood, but I definitely don’t like it!Is that the same in the Purvue Street one?

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