Hock Lam Street Popular Beef Kway Teow

We were having a wedding rehearsal (read today’s Singapore Daily Photo if you want to know more about that) and after it was over, we were famished.

We walked around and ended up here, at the Beef Kuey Teow shop at Purvis Street.

The shop front. (side note: it’s amazing how many places in Singapore all call themselves popular in their sign board. haha…)

This is the dry version, with everything in it, HUGE size.

This is a bowl of beef balls only.

This is mine, none of the innards, but only beef slices and beef balls. Medium.

This picture is suppose to show you how big the XL size is. But from this angle, it does not look at that big. That bowl is actually the soup bowl that’s used in most chinese restaurant. Look at the can drink and compare. haha..

It’s very tasty, but for me personally, I usually prefer not so salty food, so this is a tad too salty for me. But I like it. yum yum….

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