NUSS Guild House: Lou Yee Sang

Today our office had our annual CNY lunch. It was held at the Guild House at NUSS. (NUS Society)

There was a lion dance performance too. And these ‘fireworks’. haha..

See what a mess it made to our table! Luckily our food was served a bit later, but our drinks, sauce, chilli etc, all gone!

The first dish as usual is Yee Sang for this occasion. The top orangy part is raw salmon. The rest are shredded carrots, cucumbers etc… with keropok!!! of course!!!

Oh yes, the fun part! “lou-ing” the yee sang, meaning to toss it in the air! The higher you toss it, the better!

The Yee Sang on my plate!

While ‘lou-ing’, you are suppose to be saying some auspicious chinese proverbs, and here are some of them. Yes, they had a list for us at our table. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ‘lou’ your yee sang yet? This is a practice that is only common in Singapore and some parts of Malaysia.

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