Heng Hua Food: Pu Tien Restaurant – Part 3

Continue with the dishes. This is Part 3 and the final post of this series.

This is vege with century egg.

This is something different. It is actually those gourd. I have forgotten what gourd it is, but its made into pancakes that taste really good.

Tofu dish.

Instead of yam rings that we usually see, this are yam bites.

These bamboo clams are so so yummy! My fav!

These are fried oyster. Don’t they look like banana fritters?

The famous heng hua bee hoon. Also my fav. the noodles are extra fine!

If you realise, there’s so many yam dishes. This is Yam Duck.

This is for you to figure out, huh, yam duck? Here you go…

We ate quite a bit ya? We had 7 persons. It’s always fun going out in a big group to eat. We get to order more things.

Hope you have enjoyed this. Make a guess what tomorrow’s food will be? LOL….

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