Heng Hua Food: Pu Tian Restaurant – Part 1

The last time we went to have Heng Hua, it was with family. This time, colleagues said let’s go. This was taken 2-3 weeks ago. This Heng Hua Restaurant is also called Pu Tien. But this is Pu Tien Restaurant, the prev one was Pu Tien Seafood Restaurant. This one is most people call the ‘original’ one. haha..

This shop is also located at Kitchener Road, a few doors away from another restaurant with an almost similar name. Add: 127-129 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208514.

Here’s the shop front of the shop. It’s true this shop’s food taste better ๐Ÿ™‚ Taken across the road.

They even have something to tell you that they have been on TV and Radio.

The kiam chai that’s on the table when we sit down. I usually like salted veg, but this one not really my taste. But colleagues love it though.

This is one of the starter dishes. Make a guess. This is bitter gourd. Thinly sliced and very very cold. It is served with honey on a saucer by the side.


Wait the next day for more pictures.

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