Popiah at Clementi Kopitiam

If you like to queue for food, try this popiah stall in Clementi. You can wait over half an hour for it. I can’t see any specialty in it, except for the wait. haha… Anyway it cost $1.20 each.

Come here if you like to queue like everyone else. :-p
(no, i did not queue for it haha… someone else did)

It’s the kopitiam opposite OCBC, behind Fairprice.

12 thoughts on “Popiah at Clementi Kopitiam”

  • Poh piah also my fav (aiyo..wonder which food is not my fav?!). Is it super juicy or what ? think tt’s what pple look for in this kind of poh piah. Juicy yet not soggy! There used to be one at Shaw Towers Beach Road foodcourt that is juicy juicy (but i think not there anymore)….
    Are there still DIY poh piah eateries in SG ? Think the ones I like (at Aliwah St.) also closed down liao ๐Ÿ™

    Maybe the queue so long coz all of them wan to eat and be or-yee-or Tarzan (Tai Sun)! LOL!

  • tiger, dunno leh.. those DIY stuff.

    simcook, what crispy crispy things? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmm.. I bought a Scanpan Chafing Dish few months ago, still have not used it yet. It’s best for DIY popiah parties. Maybe I should have them soon.

    Yes, guys like to buy lots of gadgets for kitchens right? haha…

  • There’s too much turnip in this popiah.I remembered eating the best popiah at a stall in a coffee-shop at Cross Street (now demolished) when I was a young boy. The filling was mostly red carrot, cabbage, cucumber, towgay and turnip. Very crunchy with natural flavour and taste.Anybody knows where the original stall has been relocated?

  • Leeping

    You're most welcome. (I think I am replying this 3 years late! oops!)

    To make popiah skin at home is very tedious. You also need great skills.

    You get a lump of dough and quickly spread it on a flat pan and quickly lift the whole dough up. It will leave a thin layer of dough which becomes the popiah skin.

    Have you tried it in the last 3 years?

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