Lao Beijing: Red Bean Pancake

The 2 ladies and the little girl wanted to have desserts, so looking through the menu after dinner, a red bean pancake was ordered.

Red Bean Pancake – $8

This is something I dont really fancy. Will only eat when I am asked to eat. haha…

Rasa Malaysia, a picture a day more interesting mah… at least its guaranteed to have daily posting. haha…

4 thoughts on “Lao Beijing: Red Bean Pancake”

  • You very BAD you know? You know how many homesick Singaporeans out there or not? Not exactly miss home per se… but miss Singapore food. Then see all your food pictures. Ta buleh tahan!

  • Here is also one foodsick Singaporean…buay tahan…
    This red bean pancake looks different-a bit more greenish than brownish. And so generous with ่Š้บป! Not many places do this now.

  • Simcooks, Tigerfish,

    No need to miss the food, you can always reproduce the same food over there. Just use the photos as inspiration!

    RM, more photos, more saliva flowing? haha… Hmmm I have started to have 2 photos again for some post. :-p

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