Deepavali Sweets: Mithai

OK, I am posting something totally out of the occasion. I know it’s not Deepavali. I thought I would dig out something that many of you have not seen before.

Deepavali Sweets. This box was given by a Indian Prof at my workplace. Previous years he gave some which I think was imported from India, they were too sweet for our liking. This box he gave is Singapore-made/company, thus fits into Singapura Daily Makan ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mithai is Tamil for sweets and snacks. Wikipedia it to know more.

This box came from Bombay Cafe. I have never ate there, but by the looks at its website, it seems like a very expensive place.

This is how it looks like when the box is opened. Yes, they have silver on it! We ate silver! They are called Varak, gossamer-thin silver sheets that covers the Mithai.

The next two close up, for you to see the texture, too bad, we do not have technology that enables you to smell or taste it yet. haha..

Hope that’s an eye opener for some of you. The taste? It’s actually quite nice!! Very green bean-ish for this box. They are not too sweet as well. Well, the next Deepavali season, go down to Little India and get some. Maybe you got to order it, I guess they would be rather expensive with pure silver that you can eat!

11 thoughts on “Deepavali Sweets: Mithai”

  • pls be more descriptive can a not ? like the taste, flavor, what is it made of, tt’d b a killer to the readers, btw, the pix do tells about 999 words hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ hey, what’s tt silver sheet made of ? is it edible ?

  • Shilpa, wow, can i taste some of it? Silver ah, melt some of your jewelry! haha…

    Tiger, they have been eating silver since long long ago, I guess it depends how rich they are. The more well to do can afford it.

    Ming, yeah they are always too sweet, most prob because traditionally they had to do it as preservatives? This Mithai from Bombay Cafe is not that sweet. phew!

    Melting Wok, err, that was Deepavali some time ago, I forgot the taste liao. haha…

    Rasa Malaysia, yes, can eat. Eat more if you can afford it. You see how thin the silver pieces are!! And not every piece has it. Shilpa should know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melting Wok,

    Just ask colleague who also had it and had better memory. It was an assortment of different kinds. So, some were very nutty, either pistachio or almonds. And most of them have this condensed milk flavour to it. Not bad, not too sweet for this version, but its an acquired taste.

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