Bukit Timah Food Centre: Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake, if you are from overseas, your definition of carrot cake will be cakes made of those orange carrots right?

Well, if you are in Singapore or Malaysia, mention carrot cake, and this dish will come into mind first. Also known as “Chai Tow Kueh” or “Char Kuey”.

They usually have the “white” and “black” version. White version is crispier and savoury. The black version is sweeter because they use dark sauce and it is usually wetter.

I like this version of White Carrot Cake from Bukit Timah Food Centre. It has lots of “chai poh” (pickled salted raddish) and lots of eggs too, which I love….

Oh yes, if you are wondering what carrot is in it? It’s the white radish mix with rice flour to produce the cakes. The cakes are then cut up into smaller pieces while frying.

Well, if you wanna DIY at home, you can also buy the radish flour cakes from the supermarkets.

BTW, this is my 100th post on Singapore Daily Makan. Wow, I am amazed with myself! 100 days of food pictures! Hope you have enjoyed it!

If you have been visiting and have not been dropping comments, please drop some these few days, let me know how to improve this site. A few words would be enough! If possible, the next 100 post will be better with your feedback.

8 thoughts on “Bukit Timah Food Centre: Carrot Cake”

  • Oh, this is the type of carrot pancake…coz they come in big pieces…
    White or black, anything chau tow kueh is good chai tow kueh….
    I want to have chai tow kueh again ;P
    slurp slurp!

  • Congratulations on 100 days of food pictures. I have been busy wiping drool off my keyboard. I will make an attempt to DIM (Do It Myself) this fried carrot cake and if successful, will post it on my blog.

  • keropokman, congratulations on your hundred days! dunno why the chai tow kway i make is never as springy as the kind we eat in kopitiams, leh! so frustrating!

  • hey, i’m always so involved in food. first, i made a wrong guess in your photo blog(coz too busy with food lah), then now I forgot to congratulate you on 100-makan anniversary(still, too busy with food)…don’t blame me lah….your food post too tempting. wish there is a “one-click-away-to-ta-pow” button here!

  • hi hi! the carrot cake looks absolutely drool-worthy. Thanks for providing so many drool-worthy foods for the past 100 days!

    P.S. There’s a pretty good carrot cake stall at taman jurong hawker centre, 2nd level, near the kuey chap stall which is also yummylicious.

  • hehe, funny, white carrot (MY/SG)= dikon (US), white skin chicken (MY/SG)= expensive fly chicken/ yellow feather chicken ( US patent, Cantonese version ) 🙂 Very flavorful looking dikon omelette 🙂

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